House for a large family from Kherson

The story of a 70-year-old teacher from the Kherson region who needs our help.

Olha and her husband have five children under their care. Today, two boys are 12 years old and one is 13. Liza is 16, and her son Vitalii is also 16. 

Three children were adopted when they were 6 months old, two when they were 4 years old. In Kherson, they lived with their daughter, who has twins. And now they continue to live together as one big family.

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, volunteers had a hard time evacuating their family to Kyiv. Now they rent a small apartment on the outskirts of the capital. All seven children study at the Sofiyivsko-Borshchahivskyi Lyceum.

Meanwhile, Olga's brother bought a land plot in the Kyiv region. No house, just a foundation for it. The family planted a vegetable garden there and dreams of living there someday. 

Olha's husband has a serious form of cancer. But the family has not given up. Olha works as a teacher's assistant, her children study at a Kyiv school and have good results. The older ones are planning to enter the university soon, while the younger ones continue their studies and attend clubs. 

It is difficult for the family to rent a house, they need a modular house on their land. "Dobrobat" took this family under its care because we cannot stand aside.

These people need our help!

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